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Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Valley Charter Elementary School is to provide a holistic and exceptional education to a diverse student body, cultivating in students intellectual curiosity, collaboration, respect for others, and a passion for excellence.

Our Vision
The purpose of Valley Charter Schools is to enable students to become thinking, fulfilled, caring individuals with sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse environment and society in which we live. We believe all children deserve a meaningful education that realizes their potential and by which students discover their own unique talents and gifts. We believe learning happens best when students work across disciplines, solve new problems, work in teams, take initiative, and responsible risks. At VCES, teachers, not textbooks, know students best; therefore, our collaborative teachers drive instruction. We strive to develop and communicate best practices, and mentor others as we have been mentored. We believe communities can come together to build great schools where academic excellence is available to all children.